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In order to save a buck or two on copyright fees, some thrifty people combine loosely related pieces and copyright them as a whole work. Here’s an example of this.

Love and Sleep Songs

~And when we kissed...
the angels held their breath. The sun shone down from his home in the sky, and the bright full moon, she started to cry. The birds and the bees sang a glorious song, and for one perfect moment, nothing was wrong.

~I’m laying here in my bed, my body asleep, my brain stumbling around in the dark, searching for temporary oblivion.
As the darkness fills my head with thick black cotton, my thoughts are transformed into a chaos of flickering shapes, ghostly images, and unknowable colors. Some go past like blazing meteorites, while others whisper by on bunny feet. My world is alive with swirling smells, and colorful sound.
A diamond shaped idea whizzes by my head, and nicks my ear as it passes. I turn in time to see it demolish a plate-glass mirror, sending an unnaturally large blossom of crystal shards hurtling slow-motion in all directions. They tear and rend, then disappear, taking their damage with them, leaving everything intact, with only the memory of pain and destruction echoing in my mind.

~But when the night is still and sound
And my neighbors have gone to sleep
When it's quiet you can hear
The hearts of young lovers
Say their names as they beat

But in my neighbor’s lofty dreams
Of paradise and kings, or other things
Their hearts beat and say no words
Merely pumping life’s sweet flow
From breast to brain and back again
A pig’s would do the same.

~ “Oh David”, she whispered softly. “Take my hand and tell me all of your thoughts of love. Carry me through brave deeds and heroic feats. Show me fierce love! Burn me with the passions of desire, the all-consuming fire of a heart gone mad with love! Oh sweet David, show me all the true hearts that beat as one, the truly sensuous fantasies of real love. Please David, tell me everything!”

  “My name's not David!”, he said with a slam of the door.

~It’s late at night
And I look at all the empty windows of all the sleeping people and try to imagine what their lives are like, and what they care about.
Most have to work in the morning and dream what quick dreams they may. Some are in bad relationships and don’t know enough to get out, while others dream of escape. And yet others have no one at all in their lives and long for any kind of relationship, good or bad.
Some are insane and filled with burning rage, or mad desire. Sometimes I am one of those. Life can be heavy and oppressive at times. Sometimes joyfully light and dreamlike. Either way I wouldn’t trade mine for anything… except maybe yours
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