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I was published once, but as it turned out, this was just a way for The National Library of Poetry to sell books! This type of publishing is called "vanity press", where anyone can get their works published for a fee, and the author retains all rights. Fortunately for me, a sponsor picked up the cost, or I never would have gotten a published copy of my own stuff!
Here it is for your pleasure...

The Page

O most wicked page
What do you know of love?
Is love to you the emptiness...
Before I came?
Or the closeness of your fellows?
Or the scratching of my pen
Across your face
As I pour upon your flatness
The deepness of my sorrow?

This ink, like blood,
Or tears, streams forth
As if I cut you with my words
They pour from me like agony
Of life’s lost love
And hopeless woe
Wasted on a lifeless page
A page without a soul

And yet, to you I turn
In my hour of despair
When precious love lies bleeding,
And im seeking deeper meaning
From a page without a soul
copyright©1997 National Library of Poetry

If you would like more information about copyrights, and how to obtain them, use the link below to go to the Library of Congress copyright office. Also, if you're interested in vanity press, I have supplied a link to
The National Library of Poetry, currently known as The International Library of Poetry, but I'm sure there are better cheaper ways to do this, that dont include constant mailings of 'special offers' to entice you into spending even more money with new ways to "immortalize your unique and special talent". sheesh!

2001 Update: its been since 1997, and im still getting mail from these people!

Library of CongressInt Lib. Poetry
One will protect your stuff
One will get you LOTS of mail


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