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The destruction of a democratic society is woven into the very fabric of its essence. This is not to say it is a doomed institution, but rather, that these freedoms are what make it great. However, because these freedoms exist, a future can be envisioned where the final vote is cast, that ends all votes.

As with any self-sustaining force, democracy is dependent on its individual components (us) for survival. We, as members of a democratic society, are charged with its upkeep and continuation. This requires us to maintain a constant inventory of what it means to live in freedom, and act accordingly, or see it dissolve.

There are many issues that imperil the health of our society, but of greater consequence is how we choose to respond to them.

Democratic rights and freedoms are often willingly eroded or even erased in the name of security, protection and comfort.


"Donít steal. If you must steal, steal only from those who can afford it "

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