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Love is a dark and evil thing
That rules our lives and binds us to her will
She cares not about our pleasure
But only for the dark desire
That we fulfill

Love is cruel
Tormenting us all
She seeks to enslave us
And makes the strong crawl
We have no power against her
She causes the greatest to fall
Wars have been fought for her
But love conquers all

Love is harsh
She demands complete obedience
And woe to those who would oppose
The wishes of their master
Doomed to an empty life of loneliness
Lost, forever after

Love is dark
But she is not blind
Although she blinds us all
She is our puppet-master
Our two edged sword
We rise on hope before we fall

Yes, love is a dark and evil thing
Whom I gladly serve on bended knee
And such pleasure do I find in it
For I too am a dark and evil thing

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