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The sun is a'settin
On this desert party
And the beer is running low
The coyotes are howling
The people are all leaving
And I've
Got no place to go

I left my home in TEXAS
And the girl who said she loved me
To go ride a buck'n bronco
But the horse, he done threw me
And the girl, shes just through
I'm the star of a fool's rodeo

Yee-haw look at me
I'm riding high and Im riding low
My body's too broken to go
But it's my heart that really hurts me
I never
should have left her
I'm the star of a fool's rodeo

So listen young cowboys
To this old cowboy's story
It's about the only thing that I know
Don't leave your sweetheart
To go chasing ponies
Or be the star
Of a fool's rodeo


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