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About Me

    Some of my interests include writing, playing guitar, designing jewelry, and philosophizing about the human condition, which we all share, yet face alone. In short, Iím a regular guy who sometimes likes the sound of his own keyboard a little too much.

More About Me

    I was born in Arizona in 1961 (has it been that long?), and even though I've managed to live in other regions of the USA, I always seem to find my way back to AZ-land. It's actually a pretty good place to live, but could really use a beach. I'm easy-going and bohemian natured, complete with a passionate spirit and a predilection for the esoteric and unknowable. Lets talk.

Another Side

I have a personal ad on the net. Here it is. Feel free to respond.

A bohemian-natured, easy-going guy is looking for a quality woman to share coffee with, and give new names to the stars. Iím a healthy 5í7Ē, 150 lbs, with dark brown eyes and longish, blond-ish, hair-ish.
You should have a sense of humorÖ

What can I say that will set me apart from all of the other creative, spiritual, passionate, multi-faceted, true-loving, musically-inclined candidates out thereÖ?
I suppose Iíll let modesty be my guide and just say Iím worth a closer look.

Iíd like to find someone who is basically honest and caring, with a mind toward the horizon, and an eye on the here-and-now, someone with a spiritual leaning, who appreciates intimacy and is open to the possibility of an eventual Long-Term-Relationship. Compatibility is key, Enrichment is the goal. If you think thereís potential here, or if you just want to talk, drop me a line at:

*Itís all about ME

"I believe there's more to this world than meets the eye because I've seen it!"

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